June VPOP on-site dates have changed due to clashes with Rose’s Fungi lessons with Vale Park Primary School students and a focus on preparing the Wildflower Walk for the Fungi Foray on 2nd July 2017. New dates listed below:

GILBERTON Woodland, Gilbert Street Gilberton:  from July it will be the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. 

Friday   9.6.17   9.30-11.30am (ish)

Friday   14.7.17   9.30-11.30am (ish)

Friday   28.7.17   9.30-11.30am (ish)



VALE PARK meeting at the WILDFLOWER WALK, Willow Bend Reserve, Torrens Linear Park:

Wednesday    14.6.17    9.30-11.30am (ish)   in lieu of public holiday on  Monday 12.6.17

Monday      19.6.17      9.30-11.30am (ish)   extra in preparation for Fungi Foray and plantings

Monday      26.6.17      9.30-11.30am (ish)   preparation for Fungi Foray and plantings

Monday      10.7.17      9.30-11.30am (ish)

Monday      24.7.17      9.30-11.30am (ish)

N.B. On 30.6.17 from 7.30- 9pm, we will also be hosting a Public Talk at Vale Park Primary School on the Vital importance of Fungi (see separate blog) and a Fungi Foray in 2 sessions on the Wildflower Walk on Sunday 2.7.17 (by invitation only, contact Heather on 0409 916 644 for queries).

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