There are many types of small native wildlife associated with our native plants in Vale Park (in parks and gardens as well as our sites), which we are collectively calling “Critters”.

It is placed first in the Wildlife menu because there are so many types of Critters and hence so many categories under this heading.

If you wish to contribute a picture to these galleries, please email your local nature photographs to David Whiting ( along with permission to display the photograph and the location, date taken and photographers name.

From the drop down menu on our website, the “Critters” category subdivides into the following:

Critters  >

>  Bees (native)

>  Beetles

>  Butterflies

>  Caterpillars

>  Grasshoppers

>  “Flies” (including dragonflies, damselflies and true flies)

>  Mantises

>  Moths

>  Spiders

>  Wasps

>  Others (e.g. ants, centipedes, millipedes, leaf insects)