Grasses & Lilies

Grasses & Lilies

Grasses and lilies have long thin strappy leaves. They generally grow in clumps (tussocks) with other plants growing in between them (inter-tussocks).

All of the grasses and some of the lilies are perennial (long lived and always above ground). However, many of the lilies die back to tubers over summer, to re-sprout with autumn rains.

They are important habitat plants for many of our smaller wildlife.  the lilies in flower can be spectacular, especially in early spring.

Our native Sun Orchids  imitate our spring flowering lilies to attract native bees to pollinate them.  (The Sun Orchids don’t produce any nectar or pollen as a reward for the bees visiting them as the lilies etc they mimic do. Instead  the orchids rely on bees visiting them by mistake when they are attracted to nearby flowers.)




Here  are some of our photos of animals (however small) associated with our Lilies and Grasses.