Native orchids are sprouting on our Wildflower Walk from late April 2017

We have  noticed the first of 2017’s native orchids sprouting on the Wildflower Walk including the little rosettes of the Blunt Greenhood (Pterostylis curta, pictured on 25.4.17) in a number patches. 

Orchid-viewing Open Day at Vale Park Sunday 11.9.16 10am – noon, followed by shared picnic

We are inviting members and friends to a relaxed Open Day to view our amazing reintroduced native orchids, lilies and other spring flowers on Sunday 11.9.16 10am – noon, followed by a shared BYO picnic BBQ. Bush tucker tastings (including icecreams), plant giveaways and morning tea also featured.

Pink Fairy Orchids donated to Borthwick Park

At our Gilberton Open Day on Saturday 28th August 2016, Andrew from the Kensington Residents Association, accepted our donation of a clump of Pink Fairies orchids to be transplanted to Borthwick Park, to help with their reintroduction of the Pink Fairies there.

C&LM team help VPOP weed the Tennis Court Patch,16.8.15

On Tuesday 16.8.15, Rachel’s enthusiastic Para Worklinks team removed around 2,000 litres of weeds from the Tennis Court Patch in Vale Park!  And they’ve asked to come back again – yes please!

The first of our “White Fairies” orchids have begun flowering on the Wildflower Walk – very early!

The white form of our Pink Fairies orchid (Caladenia latifolia), which we call “White Fairies”, has begun to flower on the Wildflower Walk at Vale Park.  This is at least 10 days earlier than in previous years!

Rescued Native Orchids planted at Gilberton

On 4.8.15,  in the Gilberton Woodland,  Ann, Catherine & Heather carefully planted out 11 pots of native orchids rescued from Kangaroo Creek Reservoir . Thanks mostly to Ann and Cathryn’s good efforts, we were very pleased at how well the orchids looked after planting, 

WOW! rescued native orchids for VPOP

A HUGE THANKYOU to SA Water for donating 16 pots of rescued Kangaroo Creek Reservoir native orchids for immediate planting on sites at VPOP, including this lovely flowering Helmet Orchid (which pretends to be a gilled mushroom to attract pollinating fungus flies!).

Winter orchids flowering on Vale Park’s Wildflower Walk in July 2015

Our lovely winter orchids have begun flowering on the Wildflower Walk at Vale Park, including this interesting Gnat Orchid (Cyrtostylis robusta). Nectar flows down the centre of the large lower petal to attract pollinating long-legged flies (that look similar to mosquitoes!). 

A Friendly Day at Gilberton

It was a very friendly, productive community morning  at Gilberton Woodland on Friday 17th October 2014 …

Vale Park Our Patch Open Day 2013!

Please join us at Willow Bend at Vale Park on Saturday the 14th of September between 10am and 3pm for free BBQ, free plant give-away, plantings and other exciting community activities. Please click here to view our flyer with all the details.