Blue-banded bees in Vale Park

Video of a Blue-banded bee (Amegilla spp) visiting Annual Bulbine Lilies (Bulbine semibarbata) in Adelaide garden, South Australia. Video recorded 1st November 2015. Yes, it is pollinating the flowers – by headbanging at 350 times per second (buzz pollination)! To see this buzz pollination in incredibly slow motion, see this video on the ABC website here.

Community Orchid-viewing Morning Tea at Gilberton

Pink Fairy Orchids Gilberton

Special Invitation to  Community  Orchid  Viewing & Morning Tea         10am – noon   Saturday 27th August  2016     at the Gilberton Woodland & Grassland  (on Gilbert Street, Gilberton:  just east of the O’Bahn bridge) Local Residents and Friends of Gilberton Woodland are invited to a Community Morning Tea to celebrate our amazing […]