Our GILBERTON WOODLAND (by the O’Bahn bridge on Gilbert Street, Gilberton) has never been built on and contains various mature gum and wattle trees (Linear Park plantings, so most not local species).

As the site also has  at least 5 remnant species (a spear grass and 4  understorey plants), VPOP is revegetating  the site as an Open Woodland, including over 60 species and the reintroduction of native orchids.

A particular thrill for local residents & environmentalists,  as well as our group, is the amazing spread of our Pink  Fairies orchids (Caladenia latifolia). These have multiplied from 3 plants in 2010 to well over 200 plants in 2014, having over 100 flowering spikes (3-5 flowers per spike) blooming in a leaf litter carpet in the first 2 weeks of September last year.  By the end of July 2015 there are HUNDREDS of  PINK FAIRY ORCHID SEEDLINGS which hopefully will mature and flower in the next 2-3 years!

The GILBERTON GRASSLAND is the area between the Gilberton Woodland, the O’Bahn track and the River Torrens.  It was laid out in 2006 as a Grassy Labyrinth, featuring sections local grasses and their companion (inter-tussock) plants with intricate paths between.  However, to reduce maintenance , the Gilberton Grassy Labyrinth is now becoming a more natural grassland (which the local butterflies, native bees etc will love even more!)